The street to the museum

Are you someone who loves art? There are different types of art modern art, older art, very famous art, or street art. Everyone has their own taste. Especially when you walk outside you often see art around you. However, it is not the case that in, for example, a museum you will not see anything that you cannot see outside. There are several museums in the Netherlands that are definitely worth a visit. There is always something for everyone. Definitely in Amsterdam. Do you want to know what suits you? Then read on.

Groningen museum

A bit slanted, nice colors and lots of patterns. Then the Groninger Museum is really something for you. Not only from the outside, but also inside it is very colorful. In addition, you can enter for a nice price. As an adult, you pay €15 for admission. Are you bringing children who are under or just 18 years old? Then you are lucky. These have free access. With this you have a nice outing where you do not have to spend a lot of money. In addition, the design of the Groninger Museum is very creative. It is not a straight building, but very well formed. This immediately sets an image for the environment. Your visit to the Groninger Museum has already started when you see the outside.

Museums Amsterdam

If you want to go to a museum in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the place to be. In Amsterdam you can find a museum almost everywhere you look. Just think of the museum square in Amsterdam. There are several Amsterdam museums that you could visit.

An example of an Amsterdam Museum is Moco Museum. The Moco museum is an Amsterdam Museum that mainly focuses on modern and street art. This makes the moco museum something for today’s creative people. They will easily find themselves in the art of the moco museum. It is also highly recommended to go to the moco museum with children. They are amazed and also receive art information in this Amsterdam Museum. Another option of an Amsterdam Museum is, for example, the van Gogh Museum. This Amsterdam Museum is something for lovers of the artist who cut off his own ear. In this Amsterdam Museum you can admire many of his works. Mainly for the real art lovers, this is a must-visit museum. So what are you waiting for? Start directly to find out more.