Their business went dangerous they usually turned to petty crime to makes ends meet. The elephant, the horse, the majestic hammerhead shark, all replicate what Stefan describes as ‘the context of my current existence’. He takes fundamental materials like rice, sawdust and string to convey relief to images that he conjures up in darkish, shadowy forms with sparse use of colour. While Stefan brims with confidence for the human spirit, as mirrored in the strong line and dynamic spirit of his photographs, the work nonetheless betrays a healthy grip on actuality.

  • One afternoon, nearing the vacation when people return house, a man was riding a motorcycle alongside Yogyakarta’s ring highway with his two children on the again.
  • As environmental concerns grow, creatives within the music business are propelling a new path.
  • The group meets Tuesdays at the art gallery to paint and socialize, and they also hold lectures and workshops