Bathroom renovations could be expensive, too, with the common standard-sized bathroom renovation costing between $14,400–$19,500 in 2023. It is feasible to avoid wasting a little with cheaper materials and fittings and get an economic system remodelling for around $12,300. It is equally straightforward to spend a lot more on a relaxation room, around $41,200 with luxurious fixtures and fittings. In the third place have been rest room renovations with 21% of homeowners choosing this as their prime job. Reasons included bogs being comparatively fast and simple to renovate, however having excessive personal worth as a place to relax in. In 2019, 57% of homeowners in Canada had completed one or two small initiatives or repairs of their properties.

  • VA Special Home Adaptation Grant – If you’ve a qualifying service-related disability, you might be able to get this grant that can help you purchase, build or change your everlasting home.
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